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Thread: Fafnir/Nidhogg question..     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Fafnir/Nidhogg question..

    Great site guys, friend passed me a link a few days ago and I enjoyed watching your videos. I have a question regarding fafnir/nidhogg however, how do you setup positions for claiming him? If info is too sensitive I understand or pm would be nice.

    I am from the fairy server in which the 3 kings world has been thrown upside down. With 2 NA ls and 3 JP ls constantly going after them and 2 of which blatently MPK to get claim for them, but it comes down to who gets claim usually wins. For us, we've been able to get adamantaoise a few times, and behemoth a few, but never faf/nidhogg. Fafnir and nidhogg is tricky because literally to all our ls members, it spawns either purple, or yellow claimed...Usually to the same jp ls over and over. Question is how do you target faf/nid so fast through the darters? And no, the ones getting the claim are standing far off, not in the center of the room. Perhaps you guys could give me a few pointers that our ls could try to get claim more?

    Its really sad when you camp the kings for 2+ months and haven't got one yet...but we try really hard. Any help is appreciated.

    edit:: Would probably be a good idea to tell you our seutp ^^;

    Usually at faf we have 4-5 blm, 2-4rng, 3pld, 2rdm, 2-3whm, 2sam/rng and random melee (drk or war/nin usually)

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    I'll just tell you this now:

    Bring a Summoner to Fafnir, or you'll be sorry.

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    /tell genosync where the hell is deus?

    /tell genosync i dont care if he's busy force his ass to log on

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    ; ;

    If it was only worth like 5% of his final grade, he wouldn't have cared to do it on time. -_- But I think it was worth more.

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    why summoner? and would sub smn good? Without exaggeration there is one NA lv65+ (hes72) smn on fairy.

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    SMN LV45 Titan Ability = Earthen Ward (Group Stoneskin)

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