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Thread: Talk with BG leaders?     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Talk with BG leaders?

    hihi^^ Just wonder if I could talk with someone who is one of the leaders or whatever so I can get an idea how you deal with all the issues that must come up in the LS with all these insane drops you guys get. I can send a PM to someone with AIM screen or whatever, just tell me who to contact, thanks a ton ^^

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    (/point) Berticus

    Probably him. But I'd say to more or less just use common sense, and deal with drops and the people to give them to how you and the majority of your LS sees fit, as long as it's fair.

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    aye he is

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    Well, of course I know you are too, but I've seen Berticus talk with people who had questions on this more often.

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    i've talked to a bunch of people on aim about ls affairs looting systems and etc. pm me your screen name and we can have a chat.

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