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    Need help on money making methods

    Hiya all, im in really desperate help on ways on making money. I've tried Nm camping, loging, mining and fishing but i dont seem to get any money at all. Please can someone tell me if im doing something wrong or am i missing something? Thank you

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    50 rng/ 25 nin (main)

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    Cooking -> ~35 (You can make Mithkabob for 3.7k a stack, it'll add up after a while, or bazaar Pineapple Juice for 300 a bottle.)

    Smithing -> 2 or 15. (You can sell Bronze Ingots for ~5k a stack, or you can synth Iron Ingots for big money... about 30k a stack.)

    Just some ideas, worked extremely well for me on Diabolos. =) There isn't really any "fast" money that doesn't involve NM camping, so patience is the key. =)

    Also: Norg holds about 250k for you depending on your server's Utsusemi scroll price. Just trade in a shit load of Zinc Ore to some guy in Bastok, then proceed to Jeuno and check your Rice Ball fame. I've heard people getting enough fame at 156 Rice Ball price. Then do Drain, Warp, Warp II, all 6 teleport scroll quests. That's another 250k right there.

    Good luck.

    Never leave out farming. I know I'd rather piss blades, but people farm for a reason. =\ Silk Threads, Beetle Jaws, Tiger Fangs, Cock Meat, etc...

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    wow thnx

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