Sep. 21, 2004 00:15 [PDT]

"Chains of Promathia" PlayStation(R)2 Installation Warning

We have discovered an issue with the PlayStation(R)2 version of FINAL FANTASY XI Expansion Disc: Chains of Promathia. Cancelling the installation by pressing the "Stop" button may cause all FINAL FANTASY XI data to be lost, necessitating a complete reinstall of FINAL FANTASY XI.

* Note that pressing "Stop" during the installation will display a confirmation screen. This screen prevents accidental cancellations.

If you encounter this issue, you will need the original FINAL FANTASY XI discs in order to reinstall the game.

Please note that you must reinstall FINAL FANTASY XI if the Chains of Promathia installation is cancelled in any way. We apologize for the inconvenience.

So you know.. don't press the red button.