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    I would like to know...

    hey guys GJ on the HNMS.... annyways i would like to know if i could get in the LS.. i am a lvl 68 mithra RDM on valefor Server but i would gladly switch to join. i made my Character about 3months ago and i think i lvl kinda quick^^ so.. givin time maybe i could become a great asset to the team? please think it over and gl on those nms

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    You can't switch to bahamut, Only to the 3 new worlds they are creating to handle the added stress with many of the new people coming into the game.

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    he means switch servers by making new character

    and we cant let anyone in without examination first, with credentials on our server.

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    have fun leveling a new character to 75....

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    you can join as long as you stay a [cat].

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