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    I would just like to say, that the next live person I see, I am killing. Spyware is making me homicidal. I JUST formatted 2 days ago because of spyware and in 2 days time my computer is over-run by it again. I can't even go to any sites because my browser has been hijacked. This shit should be illegal!!!

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    hmm are you using Internet Explorer?!?!?!? if so dont use it! get Mozilla Firefox it helps alot i havent got pop up in sooooooo long or spyware....also get some fire walls w ......whats other programs u use?

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    take a breather almaa ^^

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    That's what you get for browing so much pr0n.

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    Adaware http://www.lavasoft.de

    SpyBot http://security.kolla.de/

    FireFox http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/

    also run the free online antivirus scan over at trendmicro

    HouseCall http://housecall.trendmicro.com/

    also if you use Outlook Express, go to View>>Layout in your menus and disable the preview panel, then go to tools>>Options, and click the Read tab and click the box that is next to the text that says "read all messages in plain text" doing those 2 things will prevent vbscripts java scripts etc... from running, and allow you to delete the mail without opening them..

    hope this helps ya some.

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    yea seriously stop the porn and stop watching the porn you downloaded long time ago before you formatted...after you format

    and install ad-aware and firewall and antivirus. yes you can configure these to not fuck with your important internet programs

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    I'm a hot chick, I get all my porn by looking in the mirror

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    Nice almaa

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