{Hello!} :D
Gargantua from Pandemonium here wanting to ask a question of some of the members of BG. I come here often checking out the videos and reading the posts and now have a question about which job is better endgame. I am currently lv38 SAM but I'm finding (after reading various posts and listening to what members of my LS have to say) that I would like to try NIN. I've become kind of bored with SAM as a job for now and would like to try my hand at tanking as a NIN. I will have ways of making money to support either job (I know NIN is insanely expensive) and was wondering which is more fun/useful endgame fighting HNMs, doing quests, etc. I would eventually like to lvl both all the way if I can but right now I wanna do one or the other. Your feedback is /welcome.

Thank you very much~