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Thread: The Solution for O.O.     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    The Solution for O.O.

    Judah is working on it as we speak, says Judah in 3rd person..

    Please hold.

    I will post a possible way to get around this, but - like i said... possible.

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    Ok Lets begin.
    Do note that I do not have O.O. but im doing this because I dont want enitsu to cry when he cant go to dynamis..

    coughcough owned.

    Ok so with that said I dont really know if it'll work, but seriously - i dont see why it wouldn't.

    First - Download HTTP-Tunnel
    Second - Download SocksCap

    Ok now heres where it gets fun-

    *Open HTTP-Tunnel and go to Settings > Configure Firewall

    *Make sure its at autodetect - To be honest, if you do have some firewall or proxy this is where you do your own thing - personally im at school right now and behind a firewall, and leaving it on autodetect works for
    pushing POL through HTTP-Tunnel.

    *Now, leaving that open, open SocksCap and push New

    *Push browse, and select your POL.exe

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    You should be set ~
    To answer some questions - like wtf you just did - this will make POL run through a free service provided by HTTP-Tunnel (much thx), but when you get to character selection, it will return to your normal connection. Yes, during the time of going through POL it will be SLOW.. because HTTP-Tunnel free is 1k down.. so bare with it - just push through and get on.

    You will know if its not working if on your HTTP-Tunnel window you dont see connections being made while you're logging in to POL etc.

    If it does work, Horray for me. and GL at dynamis tomarrow.

    If not - sorry but its 2:30 here and i need to go to bed.. tomarrow back to the drawing board hopefully before u guys go?


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    Though I'm sure this is violating TOS (from ISP) I will give it a try.

    i'll spread the word.

    You've just become the messiah of OO users.

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    did it work for you Zigma?

    it's not working for me.

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    Jul 2004
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    It's works but then it doesnt.

    I think the 1kb/sec is to slow for pol and it just times out but it gets pass the I/O msg crap... after that it just times out.

    I think i'll pay the 5 bux for the unlimited bandwith thing.

    OK, I figured out what's wrong. When you load up Sockcap, Make sure after you configure the auto-detect, go to file > settings and for SOCK server put "localhost" port should be 1080.

    I'm able to play now^^ And i didnt have to pay the 5 bux luckly.

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    Aug 2004
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    i have also successfully logged into POL. was in a rush to go to work so i left my PC on at the character selection screen.

    thanks a lot.

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    yea sorry about that
    thx zigma for the fix~

    I was a little tired I left that part out. LOL.

    group effort of messiahing?

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    Humph, I am stuck right before the play screen. The connection is too damned slow for it to get past this point, and the connection keeps timing out.

    I did everything, localhost and all, and, nothing.

    I. ..may not make it to Dynamis tonight.

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    still getting tells from PPL in game saying it workin - so if ur having trouble re-do the steps n keep trying.. Eventually u will get through~

    or you can always........................ not play.. for like a month while they fix it.... heehhehe

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    looks like we won teh battle..

    but not the war ; ;

    everyone having issues of lag due to the ports cycling over to 25 during play. now you all know what i experience all day in my dorm with gay internet.


    sry guys, i tried.

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    sockscap doesnt want to install..

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    WoW Realm

    OptOnline is ebil I hope they fix this soon because its real annoying... Even though the fix does work... Still a pain sometimes since its slow... Well good post... Thanx again :D

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    i hope this breaks the mold and actually means they're gonna fix it
    god we got screwed in beaucedine by this
    enitsu i love u

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    Ya, having problems with an installation error ;_;

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