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    getting respect...

    I am a member of a new HNM ls, and i was wondering how do you get respect? every time we claim a Mob the other LSes either
    a) make up a story that we stole it from them
    b) Start saying how mewbish we are
    c) insult us and laugh whenever some1 dies

    i found this out at the most xtreme when where were letting our THF kill simurgh. The other LSes started talking about how newbish it made us look even though nobody had died and we hadnt done anything wrong

    so i ask if this end at some point? how do we make it stop?

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    ignore them and go about your own business
    when you keep winning claims and start getting really nice equipment they will shut up(or they are jealous and want to act like jerks)

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    well if all they do is act like kids...then they're the noobs not you. you dont need respect from people like that.

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