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    Anyone done the BCNM Alliance Adamantoise: Tartaruga Gigante

    Hi there!

    Been poking around the site for awhile but this is my first post. : )

    Well, today my LS decided to have some fun with an alliance BCNM and wow that was rough - Tartaruga Gigante is one angry turtle.

    His Waterga IV hit for around 1000+ each and his Water IV hit for 1,500.

    He also had insane HP regen when he put his head in his shell like Aspidechelone. Does anyone know how to stop this? He would regen almost all of the dmg we did to him in a matter of 20-30 seconds.

    We couldn't interupt it. We stared ithe battle fighting it Genbu style, not knowing what to expect and that wasn't working so we swtiched to kiting, which worked better, but we had difficulty dealing enough dmg to him without being able to interupt his putting his head in this shell and healing.

    Given the battle is capped at 30 minutes, needless to say, we didn't win

    Just curious if anyone else has tried this one and what methoed is used to counter the Adamantoise putting its head in its shell and healing.

    Hehe, it was fun though!

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    The typical approach I've heard is Suicidial Black Mages.

    /point Hellboy
    /point Veritas
    /point Malign

    Wait for them.

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