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    World Pass - Bahamut

    I am a 68 PLD on quetzalcoatl...but slowly realizing with my friends that we have 0 good god/HNM/Dynamis LS on our server. 2 of my friends and I are switching over to bahamut, gnna suck to make 10mil worth of gear again, but I guess in the process we'll have some good times.

    We all need world passes, so if anyone reading this would be so kind as to give us one with at least 2 charges on it, itd mean a lot.

    We'll pay you back for it as well!!!

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    take pride in starting your own LS or something... i am so confused why all these high lvls are wanting to start over from scratch. Seems like a waste of time to me, go watch the baseball playoffs instead of having to suffer through NA newb pts again.

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