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    Tactics for all God fight/ HNM fight?

    Well im just thinking if anyone can share how to fight genbu ?
    I heard some people say genbu needs to be kite but other says genbu is relatively easy and doesnt hit hards.

    I m trying to find a webpage where they stated how we can kill each gods or each HNM?(tactics) and what skills and spells the god/HNM will use?
    I believe in fighting each god/HNM u will needs to use different tactics to fight it.

    Thanks in advanced if anyone can help out or list it out? ^^

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    just go and figure it out.....he is like super easy...but has good dmg...felt so weak against him....but after i go west ron and pwned rabbits to make me feel good again haha^^ jk jk w

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    -.-;; that was me

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    Genbu is very easy to kill, just experiment a little bit and you'll do fine. I don't think any LS should have a guide online of how to beat every HNM in the game, as not only does that mean you'll have more competition for pulls if people think they can win (for normal HNM), but you just took away the fun of an LS trying to work out a strategy of their own.

    And yes Lujan, I am an elitest prick.

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    Um..... he is just asking for some advice..... great way to make us look like elitest pricks.

    Some people kite, some people tank head on. Many LS's I see killing genbu usually kite it and let the BLM's do all the work but it depends on you line up. I personally cannot tell you our technique but its a very easy fight..... so easy we once killed in 3mins or something (Expect some Video's).

    The Video's are the biggest give away so get downloading bi-a-tch!


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