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    5AA : (Help me out!) >.<

    Like the topic says... any ideas or known strategies for the 5AA fight?

    This has got to be the toughest BCNM in the game >.<

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    Honestly we haven't fought it since the pre-gimping of brinkuu, so we can't relate.

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    Here's what we did on Lakshmi.

    Have you alliance buff up outside of the BC, time is critical, and it's not a level limit BC so you won't lose your buffs.

    Run in, make sure your buffs are good (just in case) and prep for the battle.

    One tank per AA (making it at least 5 tanks, 4 if you have to, and have a RDM Elemental Seal +Gravity the second AA). Each tank targets their AA, flashes, a dedicated RDM will elemental seal gravity then start running. All BLMs, RDMs, Melee damage dealers, and whoever else you have start smashing on the Taru and kill him ASAP. He should die fairly quickly. During the Taru fight (which is fought in the circle area) each tank is kiting the remainder of the AAs in the hallway. Next comes the Mithra. Kill her near the area you came in. This is a small, tight space so have WHMs standing as far back in the hallway as possible to fix any status ailments. Once she's dead, take out her pet, which is fairly easy. At this point you should be running low on MP and HP with lots of status effects from their retarded weapon skills. Try to keep as many people alive as possible and do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING to kill the Galka ASAP. If you have to two hour, do so, if you have to die, do so. Do whatever it takes to bring the big guy down. Once he's dead most of your alliance will be dead or very close to it. At this point just do whatever you can to the remainder AAs and Wyvren. If you die, make sure you die in the hallway. Once everyone IS dead (this is encouraged) wait until the AAs go back to their circle and raise everyone back up. Make it quick because like I mentioned before, time is critical. Once you have a fresh alliance all buffed up, go after the Wyvren if it's alive, or the Elvaan if not. Kiting the remainder as before. You don't need to worry about kiting in the hallway at this time. The Evlaan is a total bitch and can blow a 75PLD tank apart in one shot (Spirits Within for over 5000 damage). She also likes to heal herself and use the ever-friendly Benediction. She usually takes a while to fight, but with a fresh alliance, she's not too bad. Once she's dead, take out the Hume. He'll use Mijin Gakure on you, so have Barfira up and be ready to take mass casualtys. By the time he uses it, you should be good for the win.

    We beat it using this strategy a few times. Others have been able to do it without the alliance wipe out, but it's just too close to even bother. This is the safer, more reliable way of doing it.

    Another note, they gain resistance to Gravity after so long, which also makes the alliance wipe out a better choice, not having to gravity them every few seconds for 15 minutes.

    Anyway, good luck, and kick some AA booty.

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