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    Tanking Equipment Advice

    Hi guys,

    Forgive the length of this post. I'm in an HNMLS over on Lakshmi, and we've been moderately successful so far (killed genbu, suzaku, seiryu and aspidochelone as our biggest 'trophies'). However, this is a question for your tanks (more specifically, paladin tanks). What do you prefer in terms of body armor? I notice 4 major body armors to choose from:

    1. Normal AF stuff. Not really that great, but +8 enmity, which is always nice.
    2. Adaman/Gem equipment, AKA the Purpley Stuff. It has good +enmity and nice +vit bonuses.
    3. Koenig abjuration gear. No +Enmity, but massive massive +hp, +defense and +vit. -Dex and strength hurt the chances of actually doing anything besides being a meat shield.
    4. AF2, from dynamis. Not terribly feasible, since our dynamis runs haven't been very yield-worthy, we tend to get tons of relic weapons instead (*shakes fist at dynamis*).

    So the trouble our tanks have seen so far mostly is firstly staying alive, and secondly keeping hate. Higher defense and vit will help most with the first, but it seems like provoke and flash shed hate on the HNMs much faster than on normal monsters (e.g. our paladin can keep hate from a 1600 damage MB when exping on aura statues, but if a BLM did half that on aspidochelone, the PLD would have a hell of a time getting it back). Our main tanks are putting their merit points into +enmity right now.

    We were looking to see some other folks who not only speak english, but also have access to koenig and AF2 equipment for tanks. This rules most general message boards out, so I came here to ask. What do you guys choose to wear when tanking, and why?


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    The reason they lose hate during an HNM fight is due to the length of the battle, since the blms are usually casting a lot more often than just 1 high damage burst, their hate keeps building up...

    One thing that will help is definetly an Aegishjalmr and +enmity meripo.

    My current armor set is as follows:

    Body: AF1 body
    Head: Aegishjalmr
    Hands: Koenig, AF2, River Gauntlets
    Legs: Crimson Cuisses, AF2
    Feet: AF1 feet

    For body I would only tank with Koenig over AF1 seeing as AF2 looks hot but it sucks. Aegishjalmr is awesome for head, I have the AF2 but I stopped wearing it once I got Aegishjalmr. For hands I generally use Koenig, AF2 when I need the enmity, and River Gauntlets when I need the HP (mithra only), Legs I mostly use AF2 for tanking, and Feet.... AF1 cause I have no AF2 or Koenig for them =/

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