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    FFXI Problems HELP PC

    hello hehe..i installed ffxi on my pc works just fine..installed on f riends comp "emachines" 2.8ghz and they installed new vid car geforce mx ...playonline runs fine but when u go character creation screen or when u start game part of characters and npcs parts missing like their shirt or gloves (its just invisible) and theres random blocks and lines that go on the screen (like a rave lol) -.-;; but did anyone else have this prob when installed.....i try messing with setting and config didnt work ><

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    Try new drivers?

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    yea, on mine its wierd. in like fog and flashy cutscene stuff, i get wierd blocks, that happened after i formatted, and im about to format again so im not gonna worry about drivers atm. but try updating the grahpics drivers, maybe turn down some of the advanced settings since any MX card wont support too much, if any, advanced stuff and see what happens

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    I had a similar problem when I reinstalled after my hard drive died. Got the newest drivers for my video card and reinstalled FFXI and things were fine after that.

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    it was drivers..thx for support guys ^^ posted fast

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