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    Phomiuna Aqueducts mission, do you need it?

    If anyone wants to do the Phomiuna Aqueducts mission, I`m trying to assemble a party for it tomorrow. I haven`t set an exact time for it yet, so if you wanna come please state what time you will be on.

    This mission has a lv 40 cap, and we need at least one pt, any extra people would only make the boss battle easier. Boss is not a BC, so alliance can fight it.

    So far the members are RNG/NIN (me) and a WHM. All jobs are welcome, especially THF for picking the lock on a door we need to get through.

    Anyone who wants to come should bring 1-2 stacks of holy water, to counter the taurus type mobs doom attack. And those who can`t sneak themselves should bring a stack of Silent oils just in case, since most of the area can be passed with sneak.

    If anyone is interested post or /tell Aerandir in game :D

    BTW if those who have already done this have any useful tips that would be highly appreciated.

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    Nov 2004
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    i would do it if i had holla done lol i can be a rdm, whm, smn, rng, blm or thf which ever one you want for the lvl 40 cap

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    i need to do it but i can't tomorrow
    i am having party!

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    i went exploring the other day thinking sneak+invis was a good idea.....well..... taurus = true sight i ran into about 5 of them in one small area...... >.< I <3 Perfect Dodge+warp scroll

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    I woulda done it, but um... probably was at work when you did.

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