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    Hello, a quick question from a guy from Kujata. :P

    Hello. I've been reading your site for quite some time now. I think when you guys started REALLY going at gods/hnm I was in my mid-60s. Now being in a HNM LS... there are some things that boggle my mind... how to determine the phat lootz.

    When we first started out, we sold everything under 5mil @ 20% discount and split the money evenly between everyone who attended that raid. Anything over 5mil (in our only case, a shining cloth of Suzaku) is discounted at 40% off. This was fine for both the people buying and the people who want the gils. But... then after looking at a lot of HNMLS websites and my cousin's LS on Midgarswomr, I realized that you guys just give the damn loot out for no cost.

    We tried this but sadly a few members became a little "bitchy" about it. Our main RNG quit the game in general (just after getting his kote), and our main SAM stopped raiding with us but still remains in the LS as a "neutral" member (don't ask why he's still in... he just is). These two got all pissy about us giving a behemoth hide to one of our newer paladins who didn't have a behemoth mantle. Myself, and many others were happy that this individual got a free mantle. I payed 1,200,000 gil for mine and I don't care that he got a freebie... just happy that he's ungimped.

    So a few more raids go on right before we kicked our Dynamis LS off. So we did a couple god runs to fund a few Dynamis runs. Unfortunately people didn't like the idea that the loot was going towards Dynamis. They wanted money right there and then...

    Basically my question is: How did you guys get all your members to agree that loot goes out to whoever needs it no questions asked?

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    Well we discourage greed in the LS, so the way do it is have the people who want it to "random" for it. They meet each other in real life with one bringing a gun. They play a game of Russian Roulette, the loser dies, and the last remaining person gets the loot. This method has proven successful in eliminating many greedy members, and is a fair way to distribute drops imo.

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    lol hellboy

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