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    hmmm... a rng thinks drg is AWESOME at HNM...

    He posted a DRG HNM guide at allakhazam
    The post is at

    Here is a copy of the guide

    An HNM guide for DRG's (seriously) by a RNG
    Posted @ Tue, Nov 30th 1:09 PM2004 | IP: Logged | Reply to this | Send PM | Edited: 2004-12-01 08:11:57
    By: Jaylin

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    First, this is a REAL guide. Second, I am NOT a 75 drg. I am a 75 RNG/NIN. I am the co-leader of an HNM ls thats full of all my RL friends. Please read the whole guide, as you will see that dragoons are very good in HNM's. I also like DRG's over Drk's in many ways. Thats not the point of this guide, but I thought it would be nice to say

    FAQ's/Other Important Things

    1. How did you find out DRG's are good in HNM's?
    As I said above, i am in a HNM ls full of my RL friends. One of them is a DRG, even though we told him not to be yes (luckily he stayed with it). Being the co-leader, he was allowed to come along to fight some HNM's. Turns out they are very good in them.

    2. Can you hit a movie target with a melee attack?
    YES YES AND YES!!! I am POSITIVE you can. I have told many people this even at high levels (i.e. 70) and they had no idea. You CANNOT be locked on to your target. You just have to run alongside or right in front of it.

    3. Can you move while you activate a Weapon Skill?
    Again, yes you can. Pretend as though you just wanted a regular melee hit, then activate a WS and it will go off.

    4. What sub should I have?
    I will be getting to this later in the guide.

    5. What race is the best?
    I will also be getting to this later in the guide.

    6. Are you really serious in saying that DRG's are good in HNM's?
    No, I am serious in that they are AWESOME in HNM's. I am a RNG, so I need to speak the truth and say that a DRG will NOT outdamage a rng but they will deal a good chunk of damage (parser a fight if you don't believe me).

    7. Do we do HNM's like we do regular mob fights?
    usually Not. I will be talking about this in the subjob section. You can do it similar to regular mob fights, but there is also another excellent way to do it. You also don't get as much hate because of super jump.

    There are MANY high lvl dragons to fight now. The three new SUPER hard ones are also all dragons. Dragoons get a job trait against dragons, and they also get a Job Ability for their pt.

    *****THE GUIDE*****


    If you choose to use a sword, use your jump attacks and Spirits Within. If you use a lance, do the same thing but with Wheeling Thrust. Your jumps, WS, and wyvern attacks do add up over time. You also have Super Jump to lose some hate.


    This is why samurai is listed below, but there are other ways. You can hit the mob, but the long delay kind of sucks. Eventually you will have 100% though, and by then your jumps should come back. If you have a JOYEUSE, WHICH I MUST SUGGEST GETTING (Ex item but DEFINETLY worht it to camp), and yes Drg's can use them, it will be easier. If you have a Kraken Club, it isn't quite as good to use. yes, I did really mean that. The amount of TP you will give the mob will be insane. Really insane. It is still ok is you have like mnk or nin subbed for subtle blow, but someone else in your alliance should have it also. I highly doubt any of you will have one, but im listing it just in case. You will also be using your Jumps to get TP, but mostly attacking. Swords are a big help here so I like Samurai or Ninja as my friends SJ.

    The other way can be pretty expensive, but you shouldn't just use this way anyway. Buy an Opo-Opo Necklace and equipped it. When you are asleep you gain tp. You can sub in something else when your not asleep. You might want to use 1 or 2 sleeping potions after you use your jumps to finish getting 100% tp. However, depending on your ACC+, it might just be quicker to regular attack.


    GREAT subjobs to use:

    Samurai. Weapon to use: Lance or Sword. you basically just for the TP and Third Eye. Third Eye is an ok sub for blink. You shouldn't be recasting blink every second, so one Third Eye a minute is ok. If you use a sword, TP for spirits within. If you use a lance, Tp for Wheeling Thrust.

    Ninja. Weapons to use: Lance or Sword. This is basically like Samurai. you should PREFERABLY use two swords if you sub NIN, but it is pretty good if you just use it for blink.

    Warrior. Weapons to use: Lance. You should only use a lance with this combo. Use berserk when you use your jumps and weapons skills to get a damage boost.

    White Mage. Weapons to use: Lance. You can help out with raising with this combo. our DRG/WHM has really never healed because there are so many other mages who can. If something bad happens, you always have raise 1. You also get Reraise, which is very nice to have, because then you can get up and raise someone else. Curage II+DS is good though a whm with Curaga IV+DS will make you look... well... you get it lol. Blink and Stoneskin are also VERY nice to have. Erase is also cool. You can still use jumps, etc with this.

    OKAY subjobs to use:

    Thief. Weapons to use: Lance. this combo isn't as good as it seems. SA will just be on WS, and truthfully that is the only thing you get. You should alreayd have a THF with TH2 so having TH1 doesn't matter. You have no blink whatsoever.

    Monk. Weapons to use: Lance. This is really only used for dodge. focus and boost. You don't really have a chance to use boost because you should always be attacking. The health boost is a nice sub for blink. Chakra will also be pretty nice so the WHM don't waste MP.

    Red Mage. Weapons to use: Lance. This may seem exactly like WHM but it isn't totally. You get Blink+Stoneskin as well as Phalanx. Honestly, I don't know how all of those should go down, so I really don't think Phalanx is worth it. You DO NOT get erase, curaga, or reraise. What you do get is the En-spells. Those are not really worth it considering what you lose. you only get a little lower amount of MP, but you don't have much as /WHM anyway. This is a pretty badcombo but I want to tell you why.

    Bard. Weapons to use: Lance. All you would do with this is basically Mages Ballad or Paeon. Hunter Prelude is less then Archer's Prelude. Again, this is a pretty bad combo, but Im listing it to show you why.

    Everything I didn't mention is probably not good. Some of you might say well DRG/??? is sooooo sweet. Ok. Tell me why. This is just my opinion.


    All races are basically the same for this. That might not be really what you wanted to hear, but I think its true. Yes, taru do have more MP then other races. However, you will not be curing a lot and you should really just help raise. If you have the same equipment I really don't taru will have 150 mp more to get one more raise is. The only thing I can think of is that when you are weak taru MIGHT have enough mp to throw a raise, but your HP will be super weak which might suck on an AOE.... Other then that all the races are basically the same, so don't think people will be a lot better then you.


    This is the biggest problem i've encountered so far. If you know me, it won't be hard but my LS is full and most of you aren't on my server or high enough lvl. You can do a few things. THE MOST SUCCESFUL is bribing a ls. It will be worth it if you preform well. Or tell them to read this guide. Most likely they will let you come (just once to try), because they can always let you sit there.

    **I HAVE A QUESTION...**

    You can post it on this forum. I will be checking back to see the questions.

    Well, thats the end of the guide!! Hope you liked it!! As i said a few lines up, post a question here if you have one. Good luck!!

    *Cough* I need rate ups *Cough*

    *cough* I'd appreciate rate ups *Cough*

    lol sry had to put those last things in!!

    This might be good as a sticky.....

    EDIT: Didn't go over races in the guide like I said I would :/

    EDIT: Forgot to list last way to get TP.

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    what a comprehensive guide, I'm especially glad he told us what each subjob does

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    to long, didnt read.

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    I think Almaa's post sums it up pretty well

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    Re: hmmm... a rng thinks drg is AWESOME at HNM...

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    OKAY subjobs to use:
    Thief. Weapons to use: Lance. this combo isn't as good as it seems. SA will just be on WS, and truthfully that is the only thing you get. You should alreayd have a THF with TH2 so having TH1 doesn't matter. You have no blink whatsoever.
    I sure as hell know the only reason I sub thief is for TH1...and it does suck because melee should end up tanking after they trick attack too.

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    wow im so going drg...

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    i sub thf... just for sneak attack ..only way i can land 100% hit on a GOD ><..who would think a turtle would have pretty high evasion -.-;;

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    well, on my server the leading JP HNMls is lvling Drg, the majority of them, and theyve been taking out the Dragons (besides Vrtra) like crazy, we have ppl camping them now O_o

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