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He has Full Zenith, Healing Staff, Errant Cape, and all Elemental Staves + 1

I'd like to know where he gets all that gil....
Fishing in Kuftal Tunnel. And Nobles is better, but I dont have it. I dont really give a shit either, since I enjoy the benefit of +50mp and refresh anyways. I also recently sold my +1 staff to focus on RDM75 and taking my NIN to 37. Plus I quit BLM due to shitty party after shitty party and gayness+1.

Edit: Just saw some oter questions. Yes I have 1hp when weakened. And I dont even use this set up for HNMs(hard ones that is). For fafnir, nidhogg, kirin, aspido, 4gods, and king behemoth I use:

Opo-opo Crown, Healers mitts, and Errant Pigaches. -6enmity and with food +120hp and only -60mp when compared to wearing full zenith.