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    We need a god damn plan to stop the Gil Sellers!!!

    Seriously we all need a plan.
    The only plan I can think of is making a mule called "Nmdrops" and it will deal with the commonly camped NMs that the Gil Sellers camp and they will be lowered riciculously.

    I want to make this happen because Im sick of ridiculous prices on a god damn overcamped Ochudo's Kote, and not giving real promising players a chance at getting a good character only to be found by players who want to monopolize the NM camping buisness.

    We all need to pull together on this, perhaps we could make this happen if enough people are all for restoring the economy.

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    Another issue being addressed during this version update is the monopoly over certain monsters and items by a number of players.
    The development team is currently working on several methods to combat these types of actions.
    Some methods include the introduction of similar items, and new ways of obtaining items.
    (taken from http://www.theorderls.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=933 )

    I'm really hoping they have something really well thought out in place to help, cause we really need it

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    we could always just blow up china ... most logical option IMO

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    don't get offended guys, Bikwin is Chinese, he can say things like that

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    i'm not chinese and i agree with him

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bikwin
    we could always just blow up china ... most logical option IMO
    Whens a good day for you?