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    RL thieves are not slick.

    Why do people feel the need to act like morons?


    OK, you steal almost a million gil worth of equipment, but now everyone on the server thinks that you are an asshat. I just don't get people.

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    When i was lvling SMN, Aioro kicked me from his party cause i wasnt healing him fast enough. He was our tank, he was a DRG. Valkurm of course.

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    Shitty. Neoki is a cool person too. =(

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    (Hmmm.) I guess to trust is a very important point in this game too, and iam glad i never met someone that didn´t give me items back, and i guess I can trust 90% of the people i chat (/tell) with.

    But yes, it is very common that ppl trust very fast.
    A quick example, i Teleported an actually now one of my best online friends (Hachimaki) 3 months ago or so. We didnt´t know each other and i asked him if he wants to farm with me (was THF 62 that time), he asked why, i said i want money for Tele scrolls and equip ! We talked then for about 30 min after we met cause of this tele i made for him, and he gave me that time 200.000 gil so i could afford scrolls, he said he wants that i keep teleporting so i can pay him back, and i dont hv to hurry. I paid him back 150k and 50k after some weeks.

    Another example is Bert, he borrowed me two times money months ago when he didn´t need anything and when i paid him back he always forgot he did rent me money lol ! I said i will pay back even it takes some weeks

    Iam glad i met so many ppl that helped me so much so i can level up faster then i expected. and iam even more glad that i got all my items back yet ))) well if some of my Real Life friends wouldn´t get me gil or items back i would just do something ba d ass

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