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    <Hello!> I'm a fan from Diabolos ^^

    just wanted to say hi. I finally joined the forums. I'm just another fan of BG that loved the videos and the great LS. I really wish I could be in your ls when I get to 75 w/ my mnk, but alas, I'm not on Bahamut.

    ah well, it's cool to see what you guys do and this site is great! :D

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           /⌒ヽ ∩
          〈  =゚ω゚)ノ YO!!!
         ⊂    へ、/⌒)
              〉 /^/@ニ)'
           〈 〈/ ,/

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    That is by far the coolest thing ever.

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    omg, there arnt words to describe how awesome that is.

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