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    RNG equipment

    People have lately been telling me that RNG shouldn't bother with Eurytos' Bow anymore and just focus on Othinus' Bow, however I've checked the stats and So far i have to say I am deffinitly in Favor of Euryto's Bow...Any help would be much appreciated

    Also, for Ondori and 22...what were those gloves you were using in most of the God/Kirin Videos. They looked almost like Iron Muskteer Gloves but i know thats not true. I can't figure out what they are and hoping you guys could inform me on them

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    The gloves are the Crimson Finger Gauntlets.

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    You would think they would both have seiryu's kote. Its prolly the best rng hand equip.

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    just because they didn't have them on doesn't mean they don't have it.

    and have you seen the stats on Crimson Finger Gauntlets?

    - Crimson Finger Gauntlets
    HP+20 MP+20 Ranged Accuracy+10 Ranged Attack+10 Dark magic skill+10

    - Seiryu's Kote
    HP+50 AGI+15 Ranged Accuracy+10

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    I have both seiryu's kote and crimson gloves... but +15 agi is much much much MUCH better! Slug shot is 100% based off of AGI... so if you notice i have a macro that switchs me to osode and other agi stuff just for WS.

    I dont see that much of a difference in damage output with crimson gloves. Since the patch much has changed, i should probably go back and check it

    EDIT: here is a 6month old Screen shot of the crimson

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