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    CoP 2-5 BCNM

    Alright, I'm 0-4 on this bcnm, and I'd like to hear any strats BG has on this. Our PT configuration was:

    whm/blm (me)

    They don't seem to hit very hard but their job changes are incredibly annoying. It seems Yellow Liquid's been buffed in a recent patch, but I'm not sure how much that will help since the nerf in october.

    First fight - we gather them all together, SMN Astral Flows them, but now he doesn't have enough MP to keep one of the mammets busy. We got the first mammet down to 25% hp before death.

    Second fight - death.

    Third fight - Our best so far. NIN practically soloed one of the mammets, getting him down to 25% HP before dying from lack of hi-potions. SMN effectively keeps one of the mammets busy before he's out of MP. We manage to kill one of the mammets but RNG dies from AoE before I can cure her. By this time, I'm nearly out of MP and the Mammets finish us off. Death.

    Fourth fight - without meds, we're sunk. Death.

    At this point I'd like to question what crack SE was smoking when they made this BC.

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    I'm not BG, but I'll tell you what we did anyway ;p

    I've done this with two setups now
    1st - WAR/nin NIN/war MNK/war RNG/nin WHM/blm RDM/whm
    2nd - WAR/nin NIN/war RNG/nin WHM/smn BLM/whm BRD/whm

    We won on 4th try for both pts with one hi-pot in first setup and a few hi-ethers in second and I think one yellow liquid for each.

    In the first setup, NIN and MNK each kited a mammet and WAR tanked one. RNG and WAR killed the first one, then went to the MNK's, then NIN. The WAR died after first one was killed.

    In the second setup, NIN and RNG each kited one while WAR tanked 3rd. WAR and BLM killed first, then to RNG's, then to NIN's. BLM used the ethers.

    The things I found most useful were silencing when one went BLM and bind to help kiting. Liquids kept the job for ~3 min or so? We tried to use on the H2H type.

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    I did this on my first try with the following pt config:


    Here`s what we did:

    PLD and both RNG`s went on the right Mammet, NIN voked the middle one and proceeded to kite it around the arena. The SMN kited the last Mammet with Fenrir. The SMN was taru so he had plenty of mp, around 700 if I recall correctly. The WHM just supported and cured those who needed it.

    We went easy on the first Mammet, just using regular ranged attacks until it was at around 30% HP. At that point I finished it off with EES and another shot. By now our whm has already died from AoE, reraised and died yet again. So we did the 2 last ones with only 5, but we never came to a point where I felt that we very in serious danger.

    After dropping the 1st Mammet, we moved on to the SMN`s mob, SMN did Astral Flow and it went down rather quickly after that. With one Mammet left, one more Astral Flow and a EES ready to go we knew victory was at hand, and we killed it off much in the same way as the 2nd.

    I think the key to winning this fight is just take it easy and don`t blow all your dmg in the beginning. Having NIN sub on both RNGs was invaluable, as in most BC fights. We had everyone bring at least 2 Hi-Potions, 5 for the NIN and PLD and regen drinks.

    EDIT: I managed to forget that the Helpoemer, the WHM, recorded the entire fight on fraps. Here`s a link to the video, 100 something MB:

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    for my group we had: NIN/WAR, WAR/NIN, MNK/NIN, BLM/WHN, RNG/NIN, WHM/BLM

    the war and the nin each blink tanked one far away from each other while the mnk sorta tanked the third. the mnk got initial hate and used 2hr to keep it then the rng and blm basicly finished it off. then we headed over and killed the WAR one. I believe the BLM and RNG 2hrd here to quickly get rid of it. Finally, we killed the NIN one.

    Of course, you need yellow liquid(2-3 per tank). Mages should have lots of yagudo, I(the whm) also had a vile, vile+1(which I didnt use) and a stack of mulsum. Every should have plenty of Xpots especially the NIN. I used like 2-4 cause of the aoe and not wanting to waste MP. Also, everyone should have a reraise scroll(good idea for every BC fight) just in case.

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    i think easiest way to win this BC is, NIN NIN NIN WHM WHM WHM, effectively 3x 2v1s. Whm just haste and take care of ninja and its cakewalk.

    2nin makes the bc easy i think. One ninja solo one, one ninja tanks, and have like a rdm or something hold the third one with binds blinks stoneskins etc. A ninja and mage should theoretically have no problem vs one mammet.

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    We did it with an odd setup of NIN NIN MNK MNK WHM BRD

    2 NINs basically just held 2 Mammets the best they could with Soul Voiced Mambo and March.

    2 MNKs alternated 100 fists with SV Minuet and Madrigal. Basically, 1 would start out with 100 fist right when we engaged, both turn @ 2h, then 2nd with 100 fist after transmogblahblah.

    WHM tried to keep people alive, lol. Also used bind when one nin got -ga'd right after Blink cast and had to live for 30 seconds.

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    monk 100 fist is luck in that BC. Very dangerous to use that for main dmg dealing because the mammet can go into a mode where all physical dmg they receive is turned to HP. Soooooo, if he has that on during the duration of your two hour, its wasted, or may even hurt your pt if you dont turn away quickly.

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    thats why you need good monks who watch what theyre doing.

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