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    pleas help a P.I.M.P in need ^^

    hi i would like to ask if BG could help me get my Af hat i have dun the fenria bit i still need to kill the NM golem in garlage citedel i would be very very happey if u could help ok i am in the UK and i will be online from 12 noon uk time till 12 pm pleas could u get back to pleas help a need ^^ :D

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    wow man, i dont think i have seen some1 just blaint out asking for them to help. why don't you have ur own ls help?, its not that hard. unless ur ls is trash.

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    Sea Torques
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    Aug 2004
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    wow! be nice you!! ^^ he was jes asking ><;;;

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    Yoshi P
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    Jul 2004
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    FFXI Server

    Asses don't know how to be nice, the can only smell their Poo!

    P.S. Heya Arwyn /wave

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    this is eluzer agen XD

    im sorry if ofnded u in eney way but ive bin trying to get my AF hat for 2 weeks now and no one will help >.<

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    No offense eluzer, but your english is a little off.

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    Relic Shield
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    Jul 2004
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    So is mine, but when does that matter on a relaxed and informal forum.

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    yes im sorry my spelling is crap because i have a problem i can spell most things but sum i have probs with so im sorry for my spelling

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    Lol... it took me forever to try and spell fifth on another forum. We all have our days.

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    <-------- Not part of BG but if you want some help you can send a tell to me in game tonight or tomorrow during the day (took some leave woot). I will get some of my ls to help. Wont cost you nothing. Just please read up on what you have to do first so your not just getting your hand held through this =). Send a /tell to endonotme or crzydayz hard to say which I will be on.

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    Relic Shield
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    Nov 2004
    BG Level
    FFXI Server

    is crzy still in that static with that asshat artic?

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    Heh no crzy is my bro and he quit for damndable EQ. Since we both played each others accounts when we would go out to sea I told him to just give it to me instead of deleting it. So nope no static with artic instead I am in a 4 blm 1pld 1whm static with him and we own. Now I cant wait to get my new machine next month so I can play a whm and blm at the same that is going to be stressful :D

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