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    How the hell do you do it?

    How do u guys get claim on the 3 Main HNMs?! Not a Single NA on our server has killed Nidhogg, almost impossible to claim (HNMls can claim sometimes, but use hte Darter Trick ) King Behemoth...well, he was killed once, weekend of JP CoP Launch =P, and also, King Arthro, I have camped him so many times (im a Nin and I want a speed belt) its almost impossible, no NA has gotten him since last year

    How do you guys claim these? JP own on our server

    Edit:server= Leviathan

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    Dunno, it's pretty rare to see any NA ls claim 3HNMs here too. Maybe they're just faster on Leviathan?

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    We hack.

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    Too bad we don't use the darter trick, or we'd have a few Koenig bodies by now

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    well, at least ur lucky enough to be able to.....HNMls's on Leviathan HAVE to do it to even have a chance on Fafnir....even with all that and I few unnamed Bot-pullers, Nidhogg always pops claimed

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    what really sucks is killing the place holders (Fafnir) everyday and day before Nidhogg window 1 person gets ToD, their LS shows up next day, and wins pull on Nidhogg

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    It is pretty discouraging knowing the slim chances of getting pulls to the baddest of the bad HNM's. You work your ass off to get to that point only to be beaten by latency rather than skill. Not saying the JP's aren't skilled. By far they are insane. But when it comes down to it, when skill to skill is = it is latency that kills you.

    I have been in an HNM shell since I first started this game. Now that I am getting up there in levels, it is a big downer to know the chances of me getting Earthen Abjuration Body is next to nothing. Ridill is another thing I will probably never know. But I keep on going with the hope that something comes along to level the battle field. At least our two dominant JP HNM shells are incredibly nice and very cool to be around.

    For those of you who get to take on and beat these bad boy, hats off to ya!

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    only way to win pull over japanese players is..... with other japanese player that simple

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