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Thread: A question for joft     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    A question for joft

    many moons ago, on that wonderful paragon of FFXI knowledge Alakazham, Joft made a topic about how bored he was getting with the game and that he was stuck at level 70 and a group of JPs screwed him out of some item etc etc. The topic then had one of the highest post counts in the forum's history. My question is, what is that convinced Joft to continue playing? It just seems strange, to make a post like that, and then a few motnhs later everything's doodly dandy .

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    i wish you could read what's currently going on in our members section.

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    a lot of stuff happened since then. all of which fit nicely into the pattern of working my way out of one rut and into the next. I had a good amount of fun with bluegartr and managed to become one of the VERY few NA players to accomplish the things we did, but the old problems never went away and I ended up quitting ffxi a few months ago.

    my most prominent memories of FFXI will of course be the great moments, so sometimes when I think about it I become nostalgic and wish I hadn't quit. but I eventually remember the vast majority of the time I played the game that was spent either just doing grueling work against impossible odds or waiting endlessly for parties and wonder what kept me playing so long

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