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    holy shit look who it is

    Hey Everyone,

    I just wanted to stop in and say hi. I hope no one thinks I'm a dick because I stopped talking to everyone, just something I had to do in order to get FFXI out of my life. After all, everytime I quit and came back, I came back because the people whom I talked with outside of the game made me want to come back and made me miss the game. Basically, my life was just turning to shit because I played too much and I had to get control of it before I ruined it completely. So I hope no one hates me, if you do, sorry.

    I hope everyone's having fun playing still and that all is well, and no this isn't my triumphant return, and there won't be one (I'm not like those crazy people who sell their character and then start from level 1). So basically I just wanted to let everyone know where I went and why and to apologize if it made you dislike me.

    Thanks for all the good times on the game.

    -Dan (I don't even know who owns Almaa anymore)

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    Nice to see you posted again. We've missed you.

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    the guy who owns yoru character is a real cock, just like old times :D

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    the guy you traded accounts w/ was a douche

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    i know - what a retard to trade his account to play with you guys.

    bet he regret it from day one.

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    we hope so.

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    Almaa ; ;

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