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    Woodworking after 32

    I'm currently level 32 Woodworking and I've managed to make it here spending only about 150k. But I'm kinda stuck now because everything I need to craft to raise my level requires either walnut, chestnut, or oak logs which are all very pricy and very hard to come by through other means other than direct buying (a.k.a. farming, logging, etc.). Question is, is there something that maybe I'm missing, whether it be a less expensive synth or possibly a place where I can get these logs cause bottom line is I don't wanna end up blowing through my remaining gil and end up poor and with a still fairly-low craft having thereby wasted a lot of time and gil.

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    slap on some advanced synth support and craft

    Beetle Arrow
    Level: 17
    Slot: Ammo
    Type: Arrow
    Races: All
    Damage: 12
    Delay: 90
    Stackable: 99
    Auction House Category: Weapons / Ammo & Misc. / Ammunition
    Ranged Accuracy +5

    Made from Recipe:
    Woodworking (39)
    Crystal: Earth
    Ingredients: Arrowwood Lumber, Chocobo Fletchings, Beetle Arrowheads
    Result: Beetle Arrow x33
    HQ #1: Beetle Arrow x66
    HQ #2: Beetle Arrow x99
    HQ #3: Beetle Arrow x99

    just craft on a full moon during lights day and try to set up moghancement and you can craft these fairly cheap.

    after that i went onto fang arrows til 42 and mythril bolts til lvl 44 and fang arrows til 49. this is the point where nothing is cheap for a good 5 levels >.< i did mahagony lumber til 51 and was extreamly lucky because i only lost one log and got a skillup on almost every synth when i did them. then i did lightining or ice arrows for 2 or 3 levels and moved onto scorpion arrows. then darksteel til lvl 62 then the evil evil demon arrows........ after that taru taru folding screens or ancient lumber broken clothes poles etc... cause after you hit around 70 what you can craft is very limiting and things start to get very very expensive.

    others may have done it easier and cheaper than me but i did all this within a month time or so. with a long break between lvl 60-70 WW

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    Ok thanks a lot for the advice. I'll try it out and get back to you on the results. Wish me luck!

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    Beetle Arrowheads

    Ok, I'm at this same level in my Woodworking, and I can't find beetle arrowheads ANYWHERE. I've checked every AH for days, and even tried shouting in Jeuno trying to find someone who could craft them for me. If anyone has any suggestions on where to find these, or can craft them themselves, please let me know. I can buy materials or finished stacks, whichever works better for you. I'm on the Bahamut server, name Arauge.

    Thank you.