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    Riverne - Site #B01: Ouryu BCNM

    Since some members of your LS have completed this, I'm wondering if you could provide some general tips for this as our current CoP static is finally up to this BCNM (beat Diabolos last night^^v). Right now jobs are consisiting of (but not limited to as some have others they can change around): RNG, RNG, PLD, RDM (me), BLM (could go as WAR though), WHM.

    Now, question is for myself on what, from experience, do you think would work best as a SJ for me? There's the traditional /BLM which would provide obvious essentials (drain/aspir/etc.), but /WHM (albeit this SJ blows >.>) for perhaps extra healing power? <.< Could do /SMN too, but in this case I'm not sure Aerial Armor spamming will seem sufficient enough -.^ We'd bring some SMNs but I don't think anyone has a level 50 SMN >.<

    We'll likely do more reading up on this, however, you're the only large group of people I seem to "know" that has done this, figured it'd be best to ask someone with experience Any help, as usual, goes greatly appreciated ^^v

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    Elemental Seal + Sleep

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    Key to winning Ouryu is BLM basically. Do all your damage in 1 shot and then sleep. Rinse and repeat.

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    The way my CoP Static did it was NIN, RNG, RNG, RNG, RDM, WHM. You dont need to kill him. You just need to keep him on the ground and hit him to about 25-35% left on his HP Bar.

    We farmed the Feathers and used 5 Mistmelts. Makes this BC real easy if you take the time to farm the feathers. Drop rate is miserable without a THF.

    Basically we brought medicines, Ica Wings and survived till about 50/60%, thats when the RNG's unloaded.

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    Any job works for this Fight. My PT had MNK, SAM, PLD, RDM, SMN, WHM
    As you can see, no RNGs, no BLMs. All you need is good capable people and strategy.

    RDM is really useful for dispel, he does stoneskin often. Wait until it's dispelled to do any powerful moves so you don't waste it.

    SMN was also great to have, because Earten Ward was great on AOEs to save mages mp, and if it's not resisted, 2hr with garuda does 700 dmg

    MNK (I am biased since it was me) is also great for ouryu. Raging fists does ~270 dmg, fists do 35-75 dmg and we do 2-4 per turn, plus hundred fists is lots of dmg fast plus tp for 2-3 raging fists.
    When the dragon flies of course you can't hit at all (pebbles? no thanks), but you can still boost up for chi blast and chakra yourself. Chiblast at 50 of course is really weak because no AF1, but still i did 180+ dmg with just 5-6 boosts (macro equip MND gear when you do), and it hits even while he flies (just make sure his stoneskin is dispelled before you shoot though).

    We actually won once with only 1 mistmelt and this PT setup, but it was hard, he does a lot of AOE dmg when he flies, and there's kinda nowhere to run, you are better off cuddled around the whm and smn for curagas and earthen wards to endure better. We used the 1 Mistmelt when we were unleashing our 2hrs so my hundred fists didn't get halfwasted.

    For the other jobs I can't say much about the details of their strategy, but samurai did good dmg with ranged (bow) even when he flies, on the ground it was soso, sam 2hr was low dmg and wasn't so useful at least as far as rdm MBs, but who knows with a different strategy perhaps.

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