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    Ondori, I need your help...

    Ondori, I was watching one of your Movies, btw they are great! Anyways on topic.. On your Cactrot Rapido fight, I noticed someone that I was a very good friend with on my Server. His name is Thorak the Galka WAR that was with you guys.. one day he just disapeared. If you could PM back, giving me some info on how to contact him, if he even plays anymore, that would be great.

    Sorry for this completely random topic but, I havent seen my friend for a long time Quetzalcoatl Server.

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    he was on your server before? He still play with my linkshell Sapphireblade :D just send him a message, im sure he will reply :O

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    No, I am still on Quezlcoatl, and he isnt on my f-list.

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