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    Relic Weapons question

    Hey guys, sorry to bother you all but I believe this board is on of few places where FFXI knowledge is pretty accurate.

    I wanted to aquire some info on obtaining relic weapons, specificaly a relic axe.

    The info that I have is following:
    Relic axe drop in dynamis

    Leonine Axe: Angel Skin
    Chronos Tooth
    Feather Collar+1
    L. Jadeshell x3

    Dynamis axe:
    Darksteel Tabar
    M. Silverpiece x14

    Those are the pieces that I am pretty solid on. Now this is where I get lost

    Ogre Killer:
    Attestation of bravery (where from)
    and I assume it requires a big amount of dynamis currency (anyone have a number?)

    Runaeic Fragment (where? what? how?)
    Somewhere in altepa desert

    I also heard that there is a possibility of fighting some NM either on last or second last stage. If anyone has some more info, it would be greatly apreciated. Thank you.

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    3rd stage will be around 6400 currency and last stage will require 10k currency up front and you'll get some of it back.

    Attestations come from Dynamis-Beaudicine NM's that need to be popped by your whole group (i.e. you can kill NM's or win, but not both.)

    Fragment comes from killing the Animated Axe in Dynamis-Xarcabard. Everyone has to 2-hour just to keep it interested or it leaves.

    Good luck, it's impossible.

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    i've seen a blank space at revelation rock..pretty sure thats where you trade it

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