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    Skillup / Moghouse question

    Ok, so I'm slowly working up this alchemy thing, I'm at 85.8, and I have a few questions, as noob as they may be.

    #1- does wearing your GP gear legitimately put you into a closer bracket when considering a skillup synth?

    #2- does light furniture really affect skillups and HQ?
    I've noticed it not do much for me today at all, and I have also noticed somewhat of a change in how crafting works after the update, but then it may just be me. Any extra info would be appreciated.

    #3- any Alchemist give me a tip on what to do at my level for skillups?
    I use and just research, but would be interested to know what other people did.

    I think that's all my questions for now. TIA to anyone that responds with info.

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    Mamushito, 3-5k loss per synth cap 91.
    Icarus Wings to 94.

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