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    LvL 20 gear Trader's Gear @ 200k each o_O NQ

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuai
    Someone needs to make a post like this except for the new 20 armor.
    There Kuai <w>

    Trader gear is only a lvl 20/20 synth cloth/leather support
    and ppl are paying up to 200k each for head gear just cuz its a reskined RDM hat.

    I even try to harvest the new red moko grass/thread to make it but giddeus was so heavy camped w. harvester even the famous Torrent was even walking around for 2mins o_O.

    I only spent 20mins in there since there is so many harvesting bots ,3 only , <lol> there.

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    omg they are 200k NQ'd? The synth is so low my first 3 were all HQ's lol...

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    Generally speaking, low level items tend to be low level synths. Of course there are exceptions of high level synths resulting in low level gear, but for the most part the COP synths seem to be correspond skills to armor level.

    Which is good in the case of trader stuff, since the NQ gear is pretty much worthless.

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