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    who makes this ls's video's please

    hello all fellow ffxi lovers out there, as you know where playing the greatest game ever (possibly) im still low level (67PLD) on your server, but i seen all your videos, there inspirationnal, something has to be at these damn low levels.

    anyway can the person who made these video's give me permission to use one or two in my final degree year piece about computer art. art history studies degree is boring yes but i get away with writing about ffxi alot, now i just need some videos for my essays and a display or two.

    there for my own personnal use (no publication) so who ever made them/posts them or any key member of the website just replay with a possitive YES YOU MAY,


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    Ondori is the one to ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sekkite
    Ondori is the one to ask.
    Who the hell is that..Ask rooster 8)

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