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    Are lots of NA joining JP HNMLS on other servers? I am from Garuda, and on Garuda the JP HNMLS have begun recruiting quite a few NA over the last few months. Before this trend started there were rarely JPs at any king camps except KB unless it was right in the middle of JP prime time. Now they are pretty much always there, making it extremely difficult for us to win pulls. I don't know if the reemergance of JPs at kings is because they have new people that need gear (most of the new gear seems to be going to the NA, but I don't know that for sure) or because they simply didn't have the numbers before, but either way the return of the JP LS is clearly linked to all the NA joining. I was just wondering if this is a common occurence on other servers since I havent' really seen it discussed anywhere..

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    welcome to every other server.... as in JP's always winning pulls

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    JP want us dead.

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    If you can't beat em, join em!

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