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    E. Body
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    Front Mission Online out very soon!

    Anyone considering getting it? I have mine on order. Should get it on the 15th. Looks very good IMO. This is the first time the series has gone online so I'm really anxious to see how it plays and how much lastability the game has when its dubbed as an MMO with mechs.

    I'm just hoping FMO and FFXI can be played at the same time on the same POL account.

    Edit: JP release is on the 12th, no idea about NA.

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    Yoshi P
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    FFXI Server

    (I'm interested!)

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    been sitting around waiting for some type of FF strat game to hit POL personally.. would be tight if ballista was really your character exporter to a FFT style game, and you duked it out like that... but yea, i guess i can settle for FMO - - - - when and if it hits USA =p

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    Smells like Onions
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    well when i first seen this i was like fucking rock on cuz i love FM alot but then i heard it was going to be on the same servers as FFXI and then i was like shit its going to suck i dont got to explain why to any of you either i know you already know

    ill probably get it just cuz im a sucker for FM but i cant say ill like waiting a day before i can download the patch

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    Whens it come out in America

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