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Thread: Ruby Quadav = annoying     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Grats!! Now go kick down the old man, best of luck.

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    Yeah, gotta wait an hour though, it's watersday @[email protected]

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    In other news Water IV = 200k @[email protected]

    Didn't ever used to be that much <.<

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    Bah, didn't win, that bastard resists sleep so much @[email protected] Gonna go on Darksday nexttime <.<

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    Sorry to hear that Mar.... i'm rooting for you as a fellow RDM. I hate hearing RDMs go down to that old fart.

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    That dude is annoying me more now, I'm just gonna hold out and get my last level before my cap (69 atm), at least then I can get my RSE rope (definately BCNM'ing that, 800k = WAY overpriced for that thing) and probably tip the scale in my favor. I refuse to ask people to lend me their shit for the fight, it's my fight dammit, not theirs <.<

    On the plus side, it would appear each time Ruby gives me a Testimony, I also get a Ruby. So I'm also paying for my medicines at the same time :D

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    Hey, if you get me the ingredients, i'll make all your medicines. My DRK friend just had me make him 24 Hi-Potions. I don't mind at all. To be honest 99% of all meds are cheaper made then bought, so just hit me up in-game this weekend.


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    I'm unsure about Hi-Pots and Hi-Ethers honestly, I tried and they seemed iffy. I still have my Vile and Vile +1, that's if I dont' fuck up and actually do it right. Yagudo drinks are awesome, don't care if it's less mp regen, it saves me 40 in the cast time.

    Pro/Shell I've determined is moot, blink/stoneskin and a quick refresh, if I hurry enough he doesn't get up Blink and makes my life 100x easier at the start.

    Edit: Forgot to mention I don't know the ingredients, I'm interested in trying Elixirs though, anything that has double HP/MP restoration is basically gold. I'm almost thinking of bringing some Bat Earrings and blind pots just incase I get double sleep resists, that way I can at least avoid some of his crap until the recasters stable out.

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