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    Filters o.o

    I was wonder what chat and effect filters I should have on as a blm in areas like dynamasis. I really hate how when I rotate the camera to view the alliance my fps drops from 25 to 3. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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    Uhh, I got this from some one who got this from some site. >_>

    - Turn down your graphics settings for optimal performance. This helps immensely because your macro palette tends to show up sluggishly when quick response to a situation might be needed due to the lag. The following changes can be made in your FFXI Config panel.

    Enable MIP mapping: Uncheck, this will improve performance but lower image quality.

    Background Resolution: 512x512 is the lowest quality, affects texture resolution etc.

    Texture Compression: Set to High for slower systems.

    On-screen Maps: Same as above.

    Enable Bump-mapping: Uncheck to improve performance.

    Environmental Animation: Uncheck to improve performance.

    SoundEffectNum: Set to 12 for slower systems.

    - IMPORTANT - Type /autotarget OFF, this will be reminded before the run begins. This is important because many linked mobs are being fought at one time. If you leave this on, there is risk of waking up slept mobs.

    - Chat filters. Again, you will be watching spam from 64 players simultaneously. The following chat filters are recommended to reduce lag and confusion.

    ON = Filter should be set to the "ON" status
    OFF = Filter should be set to the "OFF" status

    Uncommented filters are your choice or aren't important.

    1. Say
    2. Shout
    3. Tell
    4. Party - OFF
    5. Linkshell - OFF
    6. Emotes
    7. Special actions you initiate
    8. Effects of special actions on you
    9. Your attacks - ON
    10. Your missed attacks - ON
    11. Attacks you evade - ON (unless blink tanking)
    12. Damage you take
    13. Effects of special actions on others - ON
    14. Others' attacks - ON
    15. Others' missed attacks - ON
    16. Effects of special actions on party - ON (unless you are a healer or curing status

    17. Party's attacks - ON
    18. Party's missed attacks - ON
    19. Attacks evaded by party - ON (unless you are watching the results of blink

    20. Damage taken by party - ON (unless you are the party healer)
    21. Effects of special actions on allies - ON
    22. Allies' attacks - ON
    23. Allies' missed attacks - ON
    24. Attacks evaded by allies - ON
    25. Damage taken by allies - ON
    26. Special actions initiated by party
    27. Special actions initiated by allies - ON
    28. Special actions initiated by others - ON
    29. Other PC's synthesis results
    30. Lot results - ON
    31. System Lv. 1 ("Check" notices)
    32. System Lv. 2 (Bazaar notices)
    33. System Lv. 3 (Countdowns)

    The new filters set for "NPC" should also be set to ON, except for "Special actions
    initiated by NPC".

    - In game config settings are recommended to be set as follows:

    Config > Misc.
    Shadows: Off
    Character Models Displayed: Min

    Config > Misc. 2
    Footstep Effects: Off
    Animation Frame Rate: Min for slower systems.

    Config > Misc. 2 > Key Assignment > Commands
    Call For Help: The default key is G, so move the arrow next to it and press G to clear it.

    Config > Effects
    Make the icon to the left of each option show "On" to disable battle effects.

    Keep the icon for "All effects during battle" set to "Off" so that effects don't show when not engaged in battle.

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