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Thread: wtf @ woodworking 91-100     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    wtf @ woodworking 91-100

    So after Kaburas cap out I decided to do 8-sided poles, kinda lossy but it goes quick.

    Those cap at 94, so I was looking at other stuff to do after that...

    94-98 Cythara Angelica (60k to make, dont know how much they NPC for or if they can be desynthed.)

    98-99 Lancewood Lumber (woo worthless relic upgrade synths)

    or 98-100 Iron Splitter (NPCing adaman ingots? lol)

    Anyone with 90+ woodworking have any thoughts?

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    That's it from what i know.

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    assuming the angelicas and iron splitters NPC for crap (which they probably do), at current prices on my server it's a 20+ mil loss to skill from 94-100. Time to start HQing stuff DX

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    yup that sounds about right. most of the money is from lvl 98-100 tho with the adaman ingots and all >.< 89.1 WW so far... i plan to stop for a while after 91 i will most likely be broke as shit by then

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    At one point in time Primates Staves were selling for break even on Bahamut but may not be anymore. I did those from 98.5-99 since there was a lot of cassia lumber around at the time. Of course server to server is different and it requires a lot of capital up front to float the money on those staves through the AH. It would be a decent substitute for Lancewood Logs if there isnt a seady supply of those. Best of luck on the last stretch!


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    Angelicas can be desynthed. Not that it helps much.

    I'm sitting on a mountain of Rst.hakama (16 or 17 still) from my 96->97 push.

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    10 gil says they desynth into a coeurl whisker

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    Yes, that's the NQ desynth. Desynthesis is listed:

    There is probably one more result that isn't yet listed, and i'm betting it's one of the lumbers x2.

    I'm looking at making dance shoes for clothcraft next; 160k+ per synth, vendors for 7k, AH for 20k slowly. Desynth is something along the lines of: dhalmel leather, linen threads, rainbow threads. Hooray.

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    somehow any complaint Ive ever had about woodworking being pesky or expensive seems to fizzle away whenever I hear about the horror that is high level clothcraft, lol

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    99->100 cloth craft costs at least 150M on Lakshmi. granted you can make that back assuming blessed briaults sell(and I still think they suck totally)

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    i thought all clothcrafters just stopped at 99 and thats the equivalent of having 100 in another craft...

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    Attaching any price to 99-100 clothcraft is nonsensical.
    There's no big reason to be 100 besides bragging rights. There aren't any real important recipes at 55, 75, or 95.

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    Atre make me HQ signed elemental staves @[email protected]

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    I was gonna ask him the same. I'd like to get rid of my regular staves and get new HQ ones. And only elemental ones I want are Fire, Ice and Wind. I'll be growing my ores again. It's been awhile, but I used to grow Ice ores back when they sold good. Then they kinda dropped in price and I stopped.

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    Upp your goldsmithing to 38ish and start making bookshelves. I know sites say its a 50+ synth (in gold) but I was making them without fail. On Ifrit, I was actually making a profit on them. Might want to look into them .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Severus
    Upp your goldsmithing to 38ish and start making bookshelves. I know sites say its a 50+ synth (in gold) but I was making them without fail. On Ifrit, I was actually making a profit on them. Might want to look into them .
    i was unsure of this, itd only be a few levels but it might be worth it. any rough estimate of how much Tufa sells for in bastok?

    edit: hmm, I hit 94 last night and bookshelves cap at 95. Id have to do angelicas from 95-98 but if the prices are good this could help me skip a level of loss. thanks, Ill let you know what I find.

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    I heard the cost of synthing iron splitters can be alleviated by having a smithing sub well below cap (60?), which would cause the synthesis to break, thus saving you some adaman ingots since it's not an automatic loss upon synthesis failure. Instead of 20mil, maybe only 10mil or less depending on how often you retrieve the lost materials. Don't know much more than that but I am keeping my smithing underlvled for that sole purpose of breaking my 99-100 synths.

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    thats an interesting theory, but from what ive seen you tend to lose the component you're furthest under cap for when synthing something with multiple required skills, or so I thought- meaning you might be much more likely to lose the smithing component than the woodworking one.

    It might be worth a shot, I'll probably end up leaving my smithing at 55 (5 level difference should be sufficient to induce failure that isn't overwhelmingly critical) and try some synths to see how it goes.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? :O

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    If you're within 5 you'll get free smithing skill out of it too XD

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    u prolly want smithing 12 under, to assure ur gonna blow up 90%+ of it, idea is save materials by blowing up and chancing non critical loss :D

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