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    5 months and 10,000+ stacks of gysahl greens later...

    Max level chocobo digging GET!

    I think I'm the 1st or 2nd NA on fairy @[email protected]


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    Congratz~!! I should try leveling it up sometime

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    have you gotten any elemental ores yet from choco digging?

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    yes, i have dug elemental ore twice.

    However digging elemental ore isn't as simple as you'd think.

    First of all you have to be level 9 or 10 before you stand a reasonable chance of digging one up, anything before that is a freak accident or an act of supreme luck.

    Secondly, there are certain conditions for digging ores that involve time of day, moon phase, and weather, which I have yet to fully figure out (since 2 instances isn't really enough to form a cohesive theory). The only thing I know is that the ore you dig matches the day (fire ore on firesday etc).

    Looking at the AH price history for ores it seems the high level JPN diggers on my server sell 1, maybe 2 of these at a time. A seasoned gardener with a good mule situation can probably obtain these more reliably and in larger quantity than the highest level chocobo digger.

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    Gardening for ores isnt bad at all, yes sometimes you have to wake up at retarded times to feed your plants and each time you do it you ask yourself WHY THE HELL AM I WAKING UP AT 4:30am to feed a fake plant but in the end it all works out, sometimes you get lucky sometimes it sucks, this month Gardening produced 14 ores which is the highest i have gotten since i started and not one broke while making them into beads WOOT

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