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    Random bit of art...

    Request for a friend... I seem to do a lot of requests now cause my mind has been blank for a while...


    Any and all critisms appreciated.

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    Salvage Bans
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    always the guy that gets killed, eh!?

    lol, i have no skills at art nor do i have artistic taste . i'll give you 2 thumbs up for doing 2950834x better than i can :D

    tho, a gun? :/

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    Lol, how you would like it XD

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    Salvage Bans
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    Jul 2004
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    well i agree, surely kill the guy in a room and the chair thing on the right is good

    but not a gun :S guns are boring

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    haha you have a point, next time i'll make the kill more interesting (I hope)

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    I think it's really good ulmega, I like the imagery you used to show what text does

    Also, is the guy dead on a chest thing just coincidence or does it go with the whole sealing things up theme lol

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    its what happens when you leave the toilet seat up

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    Instead of a gun, how about a Spoon? I would soo respect someone that's able to commit murder with a spoon.

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    the carpet looks like one of those things you stare at really hard and a picture pops up. >_>

    Like in mall rats

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    Pretty much goes with the theme, also... spoon death, I might look into it lol

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    Wich of the following 2 would scare you the most in a face to face encounter:

    A) A street thug menacing you with a 9mm

    B) A Joe Normal menacing you with a spoon (and seeming confident)

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    B, because the guy in A still has the safety on.

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    I don't like the colors, but I like the idea.

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    You can still clearly see the 'est' from 'greatest' where you tried to change it

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