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    Bonecraft 87-92 {Help Me Out!}

    I'm currently at 87.4+2 and am looking at the terrifying prospect of getting to 92. Cost isn't an issue, it's materials, I'm lucky to find 10 hq shells over the span of 3-4 days and with the slow down in skill ups, it's looking like this period of time could take months. Any suggestions? The only option i see is trying to start gavial masks but that is a huge gap. I had terrible results doing 68-79 tigerfangs and that was only 11, is it worth trying?

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    you can try doing igqira tiara to lv91, looks cheap but i dont know, they didnt have it implemented when i was skilling up

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    Scorpion Gaunlets or Carapace Gaunlets are your best bet

    Scorpion is 96 cap

    Carapace is 92 cap

    You pretty much have to live through the levels

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