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    Japan's high suicide rate is because...?

    maybe this will shed some light, however its hilarious (though no clue to what's going on but the song is cool)

    Taru movie

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    lol, funny flash. Seen it before

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    Does it have anything to do with that movie Suicide Club?

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    stfu and get on already i miss you

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    I've been looking for this one for a while. :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akiro
    stfu and get on already i miss you
    Quaa Quaa!

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    "Can you raise?"

    Ba ha! Indeed I can.

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    Is it possible for someone to be kind enough to give us a translation? Because all I saw was a lot of money shots. Now I am confused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heian
    Because all I saw was a lot of money shots. Now I am confused.
    me 2, but couldn't complain @[email protected]

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    Not really sure what the "Pa-n-ti-ra" is all about, I think it might be a slurrying of "Panties" or underwears, for some reason the JP culture seem to be obsessed with that, maybe because even for adults over 21 in japan you can't see pubic hair etc even in adult xxx videos
    Anyways it's a funny flash, like that subrigaru (subligar) one.

    I have been in Japan for 6 months and one thing I found really weird (well kinda everything, but this was even more weird) was that we saw a lot of nets all around tall houses and buildings, and when we asked people there they told us the nets are because a lot of people try to kill themselves by jumping out of windows...

    Anyways about the title of this post, even though it's more about the funny video here, spending some time in Japan I kinda got an idea why they have such high suicide rate. It's more about the fact that if you ever mess up or fail a test or don't get that promotion or don't get married young or steal etc, there is a huge social pressure not just on you, but on your family, friends, coworkers, etc. Your parents would walk to the store with their heads covered in shame while everyone else whispers "ah those are the parents with that disgraced son/daughter, how shameful, how i pity them" etc., so things like suicides there can be a way to relieve pressure not just from yourself but from them too, where at least after that they can forget about this and move on. It's not quite that bad of course, but it's basically that kinda cultural difference and focus on different values and on what other think more than on your own goals that might explain higher suicide rates there, on top of other usual bad things causing depression etc.

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    thats one of pantera's songs in japanese or a spoof of one of their songs

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