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    "Minding the Store" - premiering sunday at 10/9c o

    Think you know Pauly Shore? This isn't "the Weasel" you remember. Now, Pauly's a serious businessman...with serious problems. Can he and his friends bring the family business--the world-famous Comedy Store--back to life?

    What do you guys think? Can I do it?! Watch my show Sunday night!

    Check out TBS.com for more exciting information on "Minding the Store"



    I also forgot to mention my shows money-back guarantee!

    Money-Back Guarantee: Now that Pauly's a businessman, he's got a proposition for you. If his new show doesn't make you laugh, he'll send you a dollar! It's the first ever money-back guarantee for a TV show. Check out the details below.

    Now that Pauly's got a new job--running the world-famous Comedy Store--he's got a business proposition for you.

    If his new show doesn't make you laugh, he'll send you a dollar!*

    It's the first ever money back guarantee for a TV show. How cool is that? So tune in to Minding the Store Sundays at 10/9c premiering July 17, and take the challenge. If you can keep a straight face for the whole show, come back here and follow the instructions to get your money back.

    Click here for official rules and instructions on how to get your money back.

    Note: For the purpose of this money back guarantee, grins, smirks, smiles and giggles all count as actual laughs. Hoots, howls and guffaws are obviously actual laughs, but our lawyers are making us mention them anyway just to cover our butts.

    In all cases, the determination of your actual laughter is based on the honor system. Only you will know if you're really telling the truth, or just trying to rip us off for a buck.

    "Minding the Store" Offer

    ELIGIBILITY: The "Minding the Store" Offer (the "Offer") is open to legal residents of the continental United States who are 18 years of age or older. Employees of Superstation, Inc. ("Sponsor"), its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, divisions, and advertising and promotion agencies, and members of their immediate families (spouse, parent, child, sibling and their respective spouses) and households, whether or not related, are not eligible for this Offer. Void in Alaska and Hawaii and where prohibited by law. All applicable federal, state and local laws apply.

    HOW TO PARTICIPATE: The Offer starts 7/17/05 and ends 8/15/05, or whenever Sponsor has received 250,000 requests, whichever is sooner ("Offer Period"), as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion. NO MORE THAN 250,000 REQUESTS WILL BE HONORED AND THIS OFFER WILL END ON THE EARLIER OF 8/15/05 OR THE RECEIPT OF 250,000 REQUESTS. Sponsor will pay one dollar ($1) to each person who watches "Minding the Store" and doesn't like it, up to the first 250,000 requests timely received by Sponsor. If you watch "Minding the Store" and do not like it and wish to receive a one dollar ($1) check by mail from Sponsor, on a 3" x 5" card or piece of paper, hand-print your name, complete address and date of birth and the reason you didn't like "Minding the Store", and mail it along with a self-addressed stamped envelope in an envelope affixed with proper postage to: "Minding the Store" Offer, P.O. Box 19997, Atlanta, GA 30325. Requests must be postmarked by 8/15/05 and received by 8/22/05. Mechanical reproductions will not be accepted. Limit one (1) request per person/household. No group/organization requests will be honored. Proof of mailing does not constitute as proof of receipt. All requests become the property of Sponsor and will not be returned.

    GENERAL CONDITIONS: By submitting a request, participant grants Sponsor and its designees the right to use his/her name, city and state of residence, and reason why he/she didn't like "Minding the Store" for advertising and promotional purposes in any and all media now or hereafter known throughout the world in perpetuity without additional compensation, notification or permission, unless prohibited by law. Not valid in combination with other Offers. For requests not in compliance with all terms of this Offer or received in excess of 250,000 requests, Sponsor has no obligation to acknowledge or return or fulfill such requests. A one dollar ($1) check will be mailed to eligible participants 4-6 weeks after all required documentation is timely received, while supplies last. Return of any check as undeliverable will result in forfeiture of such check. Checks will not be mailed to an address outside the continental United States. By participating in the Offer, you agree to (i) release, discharge and hold harmless Sponsor, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, divisions, distributors, and advertising and promotion agencies, and all of their respective officers, directors, shareholders, employees and agents (collectively, "Releasees") from any liability or damages which may arise out of participation in the Offer; and (ii) to the terms of this Offer and to the decisions of Sponsor, which are final and binding in all aspects. Releasees are not responsible for late, lost, incomplete, illegible, stolen, inaccurate, delayed, damaged or postage due mail, requests or checks, or other error of any kind whether mechanical, printing, typographical, human or otherwise, relating to in connection with this Offer, including, without limitation, errors which may occur in connection with the administration of the Offer, the processing of requests or checks or in any Offer-related materials. Persons found tampering with or abusing any aspect of this Offer as solely determined by Sponsor will be disqualified. Sponsor reserves the right to terminate participant's eligibility to participate for any such abuses. Sponsor reserves the right to suspend, cancel or modify the terms of this Offer at any time. If you would like a copy of these Terms and Conditions, send a self-address stamped envelope (to be received by 8/22/05) to: "Minding the Store" Offer Terms and Conditions, P.O. Box 512, Atlanta, GA 30301.

    SPONSOR: Superstation, Inc., 1050 Techwood Drive NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30318.

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    pleasure overload

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    [removed broken link]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pauly_Shore
    Money-Back Guarantee: Now that Pauly's a businessman, he's got a proposition for you. If his new show doesn't make you laugh, he'll send you a dollar! It's the first ever money-back guarantee for a TV show. Check out the details below.

    Now that Pauly's got a new job--running the world-famous Comedy Store--he's got a business proposition for you.

    If his new show doesn't make you laugh, he'll send you a dollar!*

    Quote Originally Posted by Jesus
    LOL, you suck at life.

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    [removed broken link]

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    I would read all that, but it would make my brain cells hurt. Not worth a dollar. :3

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    this show is gonna suck because A)Pauly Shore B) its on TBS

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    Kuai your sig fucking rules

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    Random "Bit" Of Information :wink:


    Marc Hatchell
    Food Enthusiast

    Marc is a standup friend of Pauly's who is always willing to help out. When Pauly needs someone to find a chef to cater a special night at The Comedy Store, Marc is the man for the job, even if the results aren't exactly what Pauly had in mind.

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    you areno match for Vin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maren
    you areno match for Vin
    this is true...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scunsion
    Quote Originally Posted by Maren
    you areno match for Vin
    this is true...
    Dunno, Kuai's sig is pretty badass.

    The debate is on, I'm making a new thread for this :D

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    Kuai's avatar..... :3

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    Back to me, please... mod will have you banned if you dont stay on topic people!


    Pauly Shore

    Pauly Shore knows a little something about the fleeting nature of fame and fortune. Despite overwhelming popularity during the early '90s, he has been slapped around by the media, one relatively gracious journalist dubbing him "the dethroned king of dumb-ass comedy."

    As an answer to his critics and a step toward getting his career back on track, Pauly produced, wrote, directed and starred in Pauly Shore Is Dead, a semi-autobiographical mockumentary in which he satirizes the perils of Hollywood. In the film, Pauly loses everything and decides to fake his death in a quest for post-mortem adulation. He called in a lot of favors to get the project made and managed to wrangle big-star cameos from the likes of Sean Penn, Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen DeGeneres, Dr. Dre, Clint Howard, Perry Farrell, Fred Durst, Verne Troyer, Andy Dick, Mark McGrath, Jerry Springer, Montel Williams, Sally Jessy Raphael, Kurt Loder and Paris Hilton, to name a few.

    An entertainment career was virtually pre-ordained for Paul Montgomery Shore. At age 4, he sat on the lap of The King himself in the company of his father, comedian Sammy Shore, who opened for Elvis during the early '70s. Around the same time, Pauly's mother, Mitzi, and father opened The Comedy Store on Hollywood's Sunset Strip, giving their son the rare opportunity to hang out with such rising talents as Robin Williams, David Letterman and the late Sam Kinison, who became his mentor. At 17, Pauly began writing and performing his own material, creating the persona of "The Weasel," a character that quickly appealed to young audiences. While playing small roles in such movies as 18 Again and Phantom of the Mall, Pauly honed his comedy routine to a frenetic level, gaining the attention of MTV, which, in 1990, gave him his own show, "Totally Pauly." Pauly rose to national attention during a strong four-year run on MTV, also revealing his comedy chops on the 1993 HBO special "Pauly Does Dallas." His initial success on television led to a three-movie deal with Disney, beginning with the box-office hit Encino Man, co-starring Sean Astin and Brendan Fraser.

    Pauly followed up Encino Man with the comedies Son-in-Law, In the Army Now, Jury Duty and Bio-Dome. In 1997, FOX cast him as the freeloading son of a wealthy businessman in the sitcom "Pauly," which unfortunately lasted only six episodes.

    Shore's first comedy album, "The Future of America", was named Best Comedy Album by the College Music Journalists, while his second album, "Scraps from the Future", earned a Best Comedy Album nomination from The National Association of Record Merchandisers. He followed those up with "Pink Diggly Diggly" and "Hollywood, We Have a Problem".

    Keeping busy over the years, Shore recently headlined the Montreal Comedy Festival and has completed a myriad of movie and television projects. Last year, he was seen as comedy legend Lenny Bruce in the television movie "Hefner: Unauthorized." His other television movie credits include "Red Letters" for HBO and "The Princess and the Barrio Boys" for Showtime. He also made the unpredictable documentary "Spooge: Two Months in the Life of...", best described as Roger & Me meets Truth or Dare, and appeared in the spoof The Bogus Witch Project and in D.J. Pooh's The Wash, starring Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. In addition, Pauly has used his versatile voice to great effect in such movies as Casper: A Spirited Beginning, A Goofy Movie and the upcoming An Extremely Goofy Movie.

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    Kuai's avatar fucking owns.

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    Kuai's avatar fucking owns.

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    Hello, people??

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