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    Need an explanation o.O

    So...did a Ballista, nothing out of the ordinary except the fucking LAME updates >.> Anyway, that's not the point. The point is this at the end:


    Ok, that may seem normal to you, but, I use the NA Client, nor can I read Japanese. I'm going to assume it says exactly what the English text does, but can anyone translate if it doesn't? <.<

    First time I've seen this occur, could this just be a weird bug like those random !Cover messages? (ie. xxxx's Haste was covered or w/e)

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    I think it says:

    JP onry, no heralds Gaiters for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demosthenes11
    I think it says:

    JP onry, no heralds Gaiters for you
    Ok, now someone who isn't stupid please post >.> Seriously, wtf do Herald's Gaiters have to do with a 40cap ballista?

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    Do it again and if it does the same thing then you gotta problem, dunno how else to help, seems like a fluke.

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    basically means you gained EXP for entering the ballista

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    It means something different then the first one, seeing as the first one has exclimation marks and the JP text doesent

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    Exact same thing happened again, just did a Ballista, going to see if it'll occur again at the end of this one.

    On the other note, in Jugner Forest there is a ??? mark at H-6, wtf is this for? It's bugging me >.>

    Edit: Nothing spectacular, got to use Astral Flow itself 3 times (gogo revitalizer), killed a few people with it but nothing grand all at once. I just wish the losers in it would pick actually other targets instead of just waiting until I'm around and specifically attack me, it gets really fucking annoying.

    Soon as I'm done with these jobs time for Uncapped-only :D

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    There are new NMs in Jugner, probably one of the pop points

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