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    Japanese to English, English to Japanese Translator...

    Is there and very acurate one out there... I want one so I can type sentances in english and it will translate it to Japanese "characters" (I can't remember the two character sets so bear with me).

    Please I have tried google and I have found nothing... Thank you so much.

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    I think the two sets are Kanji and Romanji (no clue, I don't even know how to speak the language, this is just something I've picked up from various people mentioning it), but...somewhere along the line Joft posted a website that translates websites from English <-> Japanese. That could sorta work...iono though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PerfectEnding
    Babelfish, sucks, ass.

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    It does translate English sentence to Japanese sentense, but it is not very accruate either. I don't think there is a ENG<->JP software/website that is very accruate.

    Also there are three sets of characters in Japanese. ひらがな(hiragana)
    カタカナ(katakana) and 漢字(kanji). If you really want to count, I guess you can consider Romanji is the 4th set. However, Romanji is really just for typing and for foreign people learning Japanese. It is not even used as pronunciation in Japan. Japanese people use katakana for pronunciation.

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    theres this site called Jedi or something.. its run by a university (i think notre dame or wtfever)...

    look it up on google.

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