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    woodworking 70 - 100 ??

    hey wuts up , i was wondering if anybody out there had a good guide for woodworking from lv 70 up to 100 and estimate price , i know ondori or 22 either 1 of u guys got wood to 100 and i am wondering like which way should i go? all teh way woodworking stuff or i have to level up some sub to use such as alchemy or somethin? thx in advance >.>

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    Your best bet is to level smithing to around 20 before you get into the eighties, and Bonecraft to 60 before you get to 85 I personally leveled wood to 80 off of Lu Shangs rod, but there are many alternatives. You could start by either doing Taru F. Screens to 72 or repairing Clothespoles to 73, depending on how much loss per synth you get.

    If you dont have Lu Shangs to repair, the next step should probably be Commodes. I know on Lakshmi they sold for even break or sometimes 2-5k profit. This is also a good synth if you dont have smithing or any other subs leveled. Those will take you to 78. From there, Cabinets are a good choice to 81. They dont require a subskill, and again, on Lakshmi they sold for even or a small profit.

    This is the stage where you'll want to level smithing, at least to 20. From 81-85 I did battle staffs, which sell for loss, but they were quick skillups. Buy the steel ingots from Mhuara to avoid price jacking on AH. In my experience, from 81-85 I made 3 HQ battle staves, which sold for 200k each, thus paying off all the materials I used.

    From 85-91, this is where your bonecraft sub will come in handy. Kabura Arrows were 10k a stack profit on Lakshmi, making it a very good synth. FInd a high level clothcrafter to get the fletchings, or hope your AH has them as cheap as they were for me. There shouldn't be a shortage of Karimata Arrowheads, because most smithers use those to skill up. Also, bamboo sticks are easy to get in the Tenshodo HQ in LJ.

    Once you reach 91, your smithing should be at least 30. 8 Sided Poles were the cheapest synth in my experience, and they will take you to 94... But this stage will be pure loss, unless you HQ and the HQ's sell well on your server.

    Luckily for me, after that stage, Lacquer Tree Logs were relatively cheap on my server, so I did the Sap until 96... but I've heard horror stories of how expensive they are on other servers, so your best bet might be Cythara Anglica's. They are a huge loss, but they will take you to 98.

    Once you reach 98, it's hell. Smithing should be at least 55, and you can either synth Iron Splitters to 100 which require Adaman Ingots (330k each on Lakshmi when i leveled WW). These sell for about 329K loss, so you're gonna need quite a bit of gil. The other alternative to this is Primate Staves, which require both Smithing and Goldsmithing subs leveled. If you do Primate Staves, keep them. They will take you to 99, but synth the stave with a wind crystal + Ethereal Vermillion Lacquer and you'll get a Kinkobo, which caps out at 101, so you'll skill up (hopefully). Either way, 98-100 will cost you.

    Hope this helps!

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    98-99 you can do Lancewood Logs into lumber.. not bad if they aren't too expensive.. saves you a ton of money from having to buy adaman ingots too.

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    ok thx , have any of u guys have tried the alchemy way ? making water pumps and such?

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    I raised alchemy sub, but never made any of that crap... only raised it to HQ the few bows that needed alc subskill.

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    hydro/mega pumps suck. a lot.

    even with the increase in availability of coeurl whiskers now that the meat is actually desirable it still sucks.

    a lot.

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