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    Quote Originally Posted by Nagamaki
    A RDM/WHM will have a higher natural Bar spell cap due to higher enhancing magic skill (by 1 resist point per 5 skill levels) but WHM gets AF2 legs and JSE body enhancements that far outweigh the small skill-based gap. It sucks that elemental staves don't affect bar spells, I really think they should since each bar is a spell of the strong-vs element, would give me a reason to get more HQ staves as WHM and then I'd have them for NIN and future mages jobs.

    So for a maxed resist number on tanks you'd want a WHM, but a RDM/WHM will still do a decent job.
    BTW has anyone really tested Blessed Briault and seen a difference? It provides no more protection (number-wise) and doesn't seem like the duration is any longer either. How are they enhanced?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raineer
    Quote Originally Posted by Moggy
    Quote Originally Posted by Russta
    All you people bitching about the -75 resistence on BQ Ring, I have a question for you - have you consistently tried it on Wyrms? I know I have and I tank with it on for Fafnir, Nidhogg and Tiamat and it don't mean shit. Mobs of that level you aren't going to be resisting much (if at all) when they do the moderatly damaging Breath anyway so why not wear it? I know I'd rather having 75 HP for the odd occasion I fuck up Utsu casting than have a minimal chance of taking 100 less damage.
    resistance does help, tiamat firaga III doesn't break 200 on me with suzaku boots, barfira, fire carol, but without carol and bar it normally shoots around 500-700, never tried BQ ring on since i'm a brd i don't tank
    This is interesting to hear from a bard since you wouldn't have any higher (37+) Magic Defense traits like a WHM or RDM would, one would think a tank with Shell4 on might be able to resist also.

    However I guess the whole arguement wasn't really about Firagas, it was about fireballs and inferno breath. Firagas should be 100% stunned, when I have to afk I just silence him and go wc/kitchen/whatever.
    To the best of my knowledge, shell doesnt help resist rates, but rather acts as a Magic.Def.Bonus type thing.

    I was lvling thf on the Abraxas, and Stormwind kept doing 150-160 dmg (somewhere around that range) with Shell4. When buffs dropped midfight, I ate a 200 dmg stormwind. Coincidence, I think not.

    Also, anyone with mild Faf/Nid experience can tell you that Shell also cuts Wing damage down. I dont really care about protect when I fight Faf/Nid, I know how to manage my hate, but I'll throw a shitfit if I dont get my shell4 D:

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