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    Virtual Dub Problems...

    I'm trying to put the english subtitles but when I try to recompress it... The sound seems to be about 5-10 seconds off... Is there any way to fix this?

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    I looked thru all of those and didn't find an awnser so that is why I started this... I figured it out anyway its just now a really big file... Oh well I'm trying to fix that as we speek. Also the tutorials that where given didn't even show how to BURN the subtitles into it... It showed how to play them. Thanks for your "help" though Okan... Anyway if anyone has a suggestion on how to decrease the file size (Yes I tried lowering the bitrate... Minimal differance because you can't stream the sound you have to set it to full processing mode otherwise it is off about 5-10 seconds.) If anyone needs help (I doubt it.) PM me!

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